About us

The Municipality of Kaštelir-Labinci (Castelliere-Santa Domenica) is located in the northwest of Istria, ten kilometres from Poreč. It covers an area of ​​32 square kilometres and consists of Babići, Brnobići, Cerjani, Deklići, Dvori, Kaštelir, Kovači, Krančići, Labinci, Mekiši kod Kaštelira, Rogovići, Rojci, Roškići, Tadini and Valentići settlements.

Kaštelir-Labinci is located in inland Istria, but close enough to the sea to say that this place is an exquisite combination of all the beauties and advantages of Istria, ideal for visitors who wish to experience peace and quiet free from mass tourism as well as the charms of Istrian life, agriculture, local products and untouched nature,while at the same time be able to quickly reach the sea and the beautiful beaches of Poreč. Our slogan “Where tradition meets modern lifestyle” is chosen for a reason as Kaštelir-Labinci is constantly evolving and increasingly becoming known as a tourist destination, while nurturing history, culture and tradition, especially through agriculture and the production of local delicacies such as wine, potatoes, olive oil, honey and vegetables.