Try the delicacies of our region and experience unforgettable gastronomic delights.

The people who live in our area are mainly small entrepreneurs and farmers. These hardworking men are well-known producers of wine, potatoes, olive oil, honey and vegetables. As they often received recognitions and awards for their products, every visitor has the opportunity to taste the best local indigenous products that Istria has to offer. Many wine cellars are marked on the maps of the wine roads of the Region of Istria, and touring them is a special experience. Due to favourable climate, taverns of the area have always abundantly offered good wines, so we invite you to visit our winemakers by taking the “Wine Road” and taste the best wines of this region in their cellars on the spot.

Numerous agritourisms and family farms will always welcome you with open arms, and provide unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Due to the large number of agricultural households that produce their own finished products and the need to present the results of their efforts where they originated, the Kaštelir Summer Fair is organized for tasting and purchasing said products.

Together In Tour

For a special first-hand experience, in cooperation with the Vitis Agricultural Association, we invite you to join us for the “Together In Tour”. We organize a weekly tour of agritourism locations in Kaštelir-Labinci during which you can discover the charms of rural Istria and taste wine, brandy, olive oil and other indigenous products. You really shouldn’t miss this unique story.

Contact: Vitis Association


Agricultural products

Is there anything better than homegrown organic vegetables, fed by rain and sun? Add a drop of olive oil and get perfection. Where to get everything? Click here and find out.


A spoonful of honey is a spoonful of pure health. Along with many other bee products that can be bought from our local family farms.

Brandies and liqueurs

It is amazing how many different aromas, types and flavours you can choose from when it comes to brandies and liqueurs of this region. And each of them is a sip of pure pleasure and health.

Craft drinks

Are you a fan of craft drinks that are created by natural methods in small manufactories? In our area we can offer you that too! Try unique craft flavors and refresh yourself with aromas you have never tried before. Believe me, it will delight you.


The queen among plants, a symbol of the Mediterranean, a favourite in cosmetics, natural medicine, as well as gastronomy. Admire the sensual scents and characteristics of Kaštelir lavender products.

Olive oil

Premium products and the pride of this region in which tradition is preserved and nurtured. Visit our local producers and taste the liquid gold, the best in the world.

Pasta and desserts

Fuži, pljukanci, kroštule… There is no Istria without its widely known pasta and sweets. Step into the world of these gastronomic delights, taste them, and at the same time learn how they are made.

Pumpkin seed oil

This product is a source of health and the richness of flavour. We invite you to taste the only pumpkin seed oil produced in Istria, in the Kaštelir village of Rogovići


Each of us wants a memory from a trip that will always take him/her back to happy and relaxed moments of vacation. Let your home be decorated with handmade souvenirs from our local producers.


In vino veritas or “in wine, there is truth” is an old and well-known saying. And the truth we guarantee is that you will taste the best wines of your life from our local winemakers.