Take part in our way of life, meet our culture and customs.

As we are only fifty kilometres away from the European road network, and seven kilometres from the sea, it makes our rural environment interesting in the off-season as well, when you can join the harvest of grapes, olives, potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms. The vicinity of inland Istria offers adventures in small medieval towns that organize film, music and gastronomic festivals, including truffle and wine days. As we are surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation that blends with olive groves, vineyards and fields, you will be able to enjoy the scents of nature, clean air and the hospitality of people who offer a calmer atmosphere of modern life..


Try the delicacies of our region and experience unforgettable gastronomic delights.

Numerous agritourisms and family farms will always welcome you with open arms, and provide unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Due to the large number of agricultural households that produce their own finished products and the need to present the results of their efforts where they originated, the Kaštelir Summer Fair is organized for tasting and purchasing said products.

Together In Tour

For a special first-hand experience, in cooperation with the Vitis Agricultural Association, we invite you to join us for the “Together In Tour”. We organize a weekly tour of agritourism locations in Kaštelir-Labinci during which you can discover the charms of rural Istria and taste wine, brandy, olive oil and other indigenous products. You really shouldn’t miss this unique story.


Here you will be able to experience the already well known Gramperijada, an event which celebrates a potato. If you are wondering about the name Gramperijada, let us tell you that Kaštelir is the only place in Istria where a potato is called gramper, and its quality is widely known. The Gramperijada consists of competitions of the strangest, biggest potatoes, while its unavoidable part is the preparation of all kinds of potato dishes, music and a joyful atmosphere.

We also host the Feast of SS Cosmas and Damian (Kuzminje), which always delights the locals as well as visitors, mostly because of live preparation of traditional dishes. Teams made up of members of municipal bodies, volunteer fire departments, vocal groups, members of the Italian community or sports clubs often compete in the preparation of delicacies. Kuzminje is also a celebration of the patron saints of Kaštelir, Saints Cosmas and Damian, traditionally marked by a church procession.

The traditional celebration of St. Valentine’s Day must also be mentioned as an event to which we pay great attention, given that St. Valentine is the patron saint of Kaštelir. We invite you to join us in the feast of St. John, the patron saint of Labin, the holiday celebrated in Labin every year on 24 June.